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Olectra is a specialized company in supplying and installing power quality improvement devices, low voltage panels for different purposes. We introduce integrated and advanced solutions to ensure the continuity of power source for critical and emergency loads in addition to study and design the electrical projects in accordance with the international electrical standards.

What We Offer

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Voltage Stabilizers

 Provide un-paralleled performance and reliability in voltage correction systems, with their outstanding features and design. They are built ruggedly to work reliably in any environment and are so compact .Sensitive electronic & electrical equipment are designed to operate at rated voltage if actual voltage becomes too low or too high, equipment malfunction or failure will occur. Stabilizers are cost effective solution to eliminate the above problem by delivering constant voltage to above equipment even when there is wide fluctuations in the input voltage


Power Factor Correction panels

 Using P.F correction panels, power factor correction can be integrated from the very beginning. Unavoidable energy losses – e.g., due to magnetization in the case of motors and transformers – are balanced out with power capacitors directly in the low-voltage network. The advantages are that the level of active power transmitted increases and energy costs are reduced.



An Emergency Backup Generator can provide emergency loads with a secondary power source when the primary power is interrupted.                  Backup generator power systems are designed for your specific needs considering the voltages                            and             kW requirements and generators power rating from 2KVA to 500KVA


UPS units

Uninterruptible Power Supply is a type of power supply that uses battery backup to maintain power during unexpected power outages. Many businesses use uninterruptible power supplies to keep their equipment running in case of a power failure. For example, a UPS may keep an equipment running for 15 minutes after the power is lost. UPS power rating from 500VA to 500KVA.


Earthing Systems

 For the protection of people and equipment, in addition to achieve the optimal operation of the electrical systems, an efficient earthing system is needed.

ESEC offer all the materials and fittings necessary for an effective earthing system, including earth rods and plates, clamps and inspection pits.


Electrical Installations Works

 Follow-up studies and design of electrical projects

  1. Preparing technical specifications for electrical projects
  2. Management, implementation and delivery of low voltage projects
  3. Testing and inspection of electrical installations, and equipments



Prepaid Meters

A prepayment meter is a special type of energy meter that can be installed in domestic properties. With a prepayment, or 'pay as you go' tariff, you pay for your energy before you use it - usually by adding money to a 'key' or smart card, which is then inserted into the meter.

Consultant to many prepaid meters factory

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